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STI-UNC V-TapGuide® - for Screw Thread Inserts Type Taps

STI-UNC V-TapGuide® handles 10 Unified Coarse Thread sizes (9 holes): 9/16-12, 1/2-13, 7/16-14, 3/8-16, 5/6-18, 1/4-20, 12/24, 10-24, 8-32, 6-32".

Order includes:

  • STI-UNC V-TapGuide®
  • One plastic storage tube (Customer will get to choose one of two options at checkout - pictures in images)


a). Plastic Storage Tube (FREE with purchase of guide)

b). Plastic Storage HANGER Tube ($0.50 upgrade with purchase of guide)


About the Guides:

  • The guides feature a precision ground base to assure stability and accurate perpendicular alignment of drill bits on flat surfaces.
  • All drill and tap guides are made from alloyed steel that is heat treated for durability.
  • 90 degree "V-groove" design allows perpendicular alignment on round and cornered material.
  • Can be used on flat surfaces, round parts and corners.
  • Lifetime Warranty on every guide.
  • 100% American made quality.
  • We offer FREE shipping. No minimum. (USA locations only*)
  • Portable, pocket-sized.
  • Natural steel finish.
  • We ship orders in 24-48 hrs.

Questions? Check out our FAQs page about the V-TapGuides:



LENGTH 4 3/4" WIDTH 1 1/8-5/8"
HEIGHT 7/8" WEIGHT Less than 1 LB


  ACCESSORIES  Correlating Tube
  COLOR  Grey
  HAND TOOL  STI Tap Accessory
  WARRANTY  Lifetime
  MATERIAL  Alloyed Steel
  MANUFACTURER  Big Gator Tools
  UPC  613103342718

 Tap Straight - Every Time!


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