Plastic Storage Tube
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Plastic Tube for your guide. Great storage case to place in your tool box! 100% American made quality.


V-DrillGuide - (1/8" - 3/8") - Item Number: STD2000DGNP-PT

Standard V-DrillGuide - (3/8" - 1/2") - Item Number: STD1000DGNP-PT

Metric V-DrillGuide - (3-9.5mm) - Item Number: MDG1000NP-PT

MINI V-DrillGuide - Item Number: SDGMINI-PT

Standard V-TapGuide - Item Number: STD500NP-PT

Metric V-TapGuide - Item Number: MTG500NP-PT

STI-UNC V-TapGuide - Item Number: STI-UNC100SNP-PT

STI-UNF V-TapGuide - Item Number: STI-UNF200SNP-PT


Hanger Tube option now available! (Upgrade of $0.50 per tube for this option).


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Plastic Storage Tube

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